Spend More Time Face-to-Face with Clients…
…and less time scheduling.
You want your outside sales force to focus on building client relationships, but they’re caught up in administrative tasks instead. Selling takes a back seat to making appointments, and profits suffer.

It’s a classic case of confusing being busy with being productive. The solution: You need a scheduling and administrative partner.

Specialized Schedulers, Inc. Gives You a Competitive Advantage

Specialized Schedulers, Inc. has the experience and resources to provide cost-effective, time-saving schedule management. We’ll eliminate the distractions of scheduling altogether by prioritizing your appointments, coordinating schedules, and ensuring the logistics and details are taken care of.

The advantages of a scheduling partner are clear:
  • Increased sales productivity
  • Attain quotas
  • Turn a non-productive scheduling day into a productive sales day
  • Increase in face time with clients to improve client relationships
  • Establish rapport between scheduler and clients’ sales assistant
  • Improve responsiveness to clients
  • Reduced cancellations
Discover the simple solution to a more productive sales force. Discover Specialized Schedulers, Inc.
To get started, contact us or fill out this Client Information Form , then email or fax it to: 503.427.0943.